Why use our Mailshots Email Marketing Service?

Designing good emails takes some practice and over the past couple years email creation has been a key part of our business and something that has kept us very busy. Surprisingly, coding emails is very different from web design. Email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and especially Outlook can all render an email differently. Not only that, email coding is a bit “old school” and precise. Archaic (in a technological timeline) methods such as utilizing embedded tables are best when creating emails and the coding must be precise because email programs are not as forgiving with mistakes as web browsers are.

But why all the tech talk you ask? Why should you care? You just want to send a nice looking email and not worry about coding it. We tell you this because knowing WHY you need to go through an email marketing service is important for many reasons.

First of all are predesigned templates. No need for hiring an expensive designer to design a template for you with often questionable results. Most of the templates in our library are even responsive, meaning that they look just right on any device. They are also designed in a manner that altering images, text and other content via a WYSIWYG editor won't mess them up.

Second comes the lists management. Our service allows you to create unlimited groups of recipients (called lists) and handle them easily. Think of them as target groups. A different group for a different business unit.

Let's also not forget why we call this a marketing strategy. Because we need to have some kind of feedback regarding the impact of our campaign. Our solution offers great, user-friendly reports that they also look great!

Then you have RULES! Yes, these do exist in the Internet, you know. Anyone sending a mass marketing mail SHOULD provide the ability to opt-out. And this should be done immediately and automatically. Our service does this automagically with a single click from the recipient.

Finally you have resources and reputation. And we have Amazon to back us up on both of these. While the data is stored in our databases, the actual sending is handled by Amazon SES. This ensures lightning fast delivery and the best reputation there is.

If you want to know how this plan works, check out the FAQ section below or contact us via email or chat. And if you want to give it a spin, go ahead and sign up today. We will throw in the first 1,000 deliveries for FREE!

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Common questions regarding our Mailshots Email Marketing Service

This is completely up to you. If you prefer, we can surely do it for you for a small fee but you can run everything yourself. We will grant you login credentials to the email marketing area where you can create and handle your lists and newsletters.
Our solution is completely white labeled. That means that when you send your campaigns, clients see only what you choose to show them. Also, the "Email from" address is your own email.
You will receive a confirmation email upon completion. You can also monitor the progress from the email marketing administration page.
Of course, you can work on it, save it, sleep on it and continue with sending whenever you are ready. You can even send test mailshots to multiple addresses.
Depends on the amount of recipients but for, let's say, 10,000 recipients it should be less than half an hour.
Of course, you can schedule it to be sent whenever you are ready.
No, we don't. It is against the law to use addresses that are not 'harvested' by own means, ie subscription forms. That is why we will never EVER share your email lists.
Autoresponders are the keystone of what we call "drip" campaigns. Messages are sent at a timely manner, once off or recurring, at the time intervals you decide. A good example for such campaigns is birthdays.
At this point we accept payments via Paypal or Wire Transfer.
We have a large library of newsletter templates for different occassions. More are added all the time. Most of them are responsive, meaning they look perfect even on mobile devices. All these templates are easily customized via the backend of the application.
Yes, you can add as many custom fields to your lists as you like. Thus, all your newsletters can be highly personalized.
If you want something unique we would be happy to design something for you at a reasonable price.
Of course, you can. You can upload it to your templates or we can do it for you.
Yes, there will be an online version for the possibility that some won't see it properly on their device. Sharing to social media will also be possible.

Mass Email Marketing Service Price List

All prices below are final and per month. There are no extra delivery fees other than the ones mentioned. If you want our staff to send the campaigns for you, please contact our Sales department.For our FREE templates collection see here. For our Premium templates collection (€50/each including logo and social media insertion) see here.

Service Delivery fee No of recipients Price Order
€5/campaign 1,000 /month Order Today
€5/campaign 5,000 /month Order Today
€5/campaign 10,000 /month Order Today
€5/campaign 25,000 /month Order Today
None 50,000 /month Order Today
None 100,000 /month Order Today
None 300,000 /month Order Today