Cpanel VS Digimouse credentials

You have two sets of credentials. They were both sent to you when you signed up with Digimouse. 
  1. The first set of credentials is for accessing your Digimouse Client Portal and it consists of a username and a password. The username is the email that we use to send you notifications about your account (upcoming renewals etc)
  2. The second set of credentials is to access your server's Cpanel ( example: ). The username is NOT the email. It's a 8 letter string with strong resemblance of your domain name. Although we can't have access to your password, you can either reset it or you can ask us to reset it for you.
Since early 2016 you can manage your account with Digimouse from within the Cpanel so you don't need to access the Client Portal. Or perhaps you forgot your Client Portal credentials. Check the area titled Billing and Support in Cpanel's dashboard.
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