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The perfect solution when you have outgrown Shared Hosting and one step before the Dedicated Server option.







Would you prefer something more tailored to your needs?

Our prebuilt VPS servers are an excellent choice if you wish to move up from a Shared Hosting environment.

However, if you would prefer something more tailored to your needs, please contact us so we can find the perfect solution for you.

Advantages of Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server web hosting (VPS) is a method of dividing a physical server computer into multiple servers so that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. You might think that this sounds like Shared Hosting but this is definitely not the case.

VPS guarantees a minimum resource allocation to your account while Shared Hosting won't do that. Even with the best Shared Hosting option you still share everything. With VPS you ensure a minimum amount of RAM, disk space and CPU power. VPS is ideal when you want to start your own reselling hosting business or when you need the whole condo building to yourself. It's one step up from Shared Hosting servers and one step down from Dedicated servers.

Increased Control

With a VPS you have increased server control via WHM (if you choose cPanel) or via Nodeworx (if you choose Interworx).

Scalable architecture

VPS upgrades occur in a small fraction of the time needed for Dedicated Server upgrades.

Wordpress Hosting

Prebuilt Wordpress plans with all the tools needed for your business


Free SSL Certificates

We provide FREE SSL certificates for your account's basic subdomains.


Daily backups

We perform daily on-site and off-site backups to provide maximum security and peace of mind.


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Digimouse support is top notch. While typically the answers are given within 24 hours, usually the won't take more than a few minutes.
Our servers are 99.5% uptime. The only exception is when we need to upgrade or make scheduled maintenance work in which case you will be notified in advance.
Yes, and we will do it free of charge. The completion time is below 2 hours for cPanel accounts while for other cases it could take up to 24 hours. Root access is needed.
Account activation will occur upon order. VPS server provisioning will take up to 48 hours.